True Skunk #1

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True Skunk #1 strain Authentic Seeds. Our most popular seed pack size is our 10 Pack from The BCSC. True Skunk #1 is the plant that set the standard in the marijuana industry. Our Skunk #1 breeding program has succeeded in producing a pungent variety that has that has a more pronounced skunk aroma. She grows more vigerously than any of our other skunky and stinky strains.


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True Skunk #1

Excellent potency, taste and yield. A high calyx to leaf ratio means that very little manicuring is required. A fun and happy buzz that doesn’t go on and on. One f our lower stoned times strains. Nice if you need to be productive after you coming down from your high. A nice strain to grow if your running a set-up for a dispensary and your short on staff or want to cut your budget so you can have a competitive price advantage. She’ll finish just over 3′ tall indoors and just barely over 4′ outdoors. A cash cropper with low man hours.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our True Skunk #1 strain is often sold out and hard to keep in stock, you will be redirected to other strains that are available to purchase.


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High, Very High

THC Percentage




CBD Percentage



High, Very High

Yield g/m2


Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Days

45-55 Days

Flowering Times

40-49 Days, 50-59 Days


Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Height Indoors

Medium, Short

Height Outdoors



Skunk#1 (F-4 IBL)


High, Medium


Pungunt Skunk

Smoke Flavor


Smoke Taste


Stone Time

2-3 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

4-6 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

8 reviews for True Skunk #1

  1. Kyle Smith

    This one is good

  2. Rory Mc.C

    It’s always a pleasure buying from true professionals. Thank you guys soooo much!

  3. Peter Russo

    Best strain in NYC. Who’d think a classic strain like this would top of these new craziest strains.

  4. Earl Wrinkler

    Largest yielding skunk I’ve ever come across in my 55 years on earth

  5. Christian Goodall

    A truly amazing skunk strain that’s enjoyable and pleasant to smoke in groups and still be coherent and still have an excellent time socializing together with one another. A very happy cannabis strain and not a couchlock buzz. Uplifting and smiles. Excellent strain to make memories with close friends. Let the good times roll, one joint at a time.

  6. Oliver Bates

    Excellent old school genetics. You can’t beat the original with any new skunk creation. This one’s a real gem. It my favorite strain in my collection. Crisp clear high that is very uplifting with some good laughing in the mix.

  7. Boyce Cardwell

    My True Skunk Seeds came in via expresspost in just 2 days. I’m happy so far with this seed bank being my first time ordering from here.

  8. Ben Laughley

    G’Day Mates, If you love smokin skunk like I do you’ll love the True Skunk #1 from here. I’ve been on the search for the greatest Skunk strain for over 30 years, and this takes the cake. Such a pleasnt happy high, and the come down is gentle. She’ll be your new best mate mate.

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