Stinky Pinky

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Stinky Pinky Authentic Seeds – 10 Pack from The BCSC

Stinky Pinky is the pinnacle California Skunk strain whose seeds we introduced back in 1997. She grows very well in Australia and Newzealand. Today she’s more vigerous than ever and has been breed now with increased CBD and THC content.


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Stinky Pinky is a mostly Indica strain that develops dense hashy smelling buds whose pistils can be a pinkish hue. Not much branching makes this a great strain for tightly packed SOG situations. Good yield and excellent mould resistance help to further establish Stinky Pinky as one of our best “sea of green” strains. Great for growing really skunky strains in the outback of Australia. She grow short and columnar almost reaching 3 foot tall at harvest indoors or out.

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Stinky Pinky

She’s like the stinky cheese of Europe, smell terrible but tastes terrific! You’ll be so surprised that some so skunky could taste so delicious. Her high is outstanding and pure bliss. It’s a very happy and social buzz. Great for sharing in large groups.

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High, Very High

THC Percentage




CBD Percentage



High, Very High

Yield g/m2


Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Days

55-60 Days

Flowering Times

50-59 Days, 60-69 Days


Mostly Indica

Height Indoors


Height Outdoors



Very Smelly California Skunk (F-4 IBL)


Very Stinky



Smoke Flavor


Smoke Taste

Fruit and Berries Mixed

Stone Time

4-6 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

10-12 Hours, 8-10 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

15 reviews for Stinky Pinky

  1. Jack M.

    A true five star strain. Sticky sweet and berry buds that I really enjoy.

  2. 8 Mile

    I have your original stinky pinky and it’s killer weed

  3. Tristan Turnet

    I’m really in love with this one. To me, this is the best strain here. I’ve grown them all except Bubble Funk and White Lightning. I only do four strains per year and I’ve been a loyal customer for over four years. There genetics are the best and they will treat you right.

  4. Winnipeg Ontario

    i’d never thought a skunk strain with “pink” in its name could be so strong. mind blowing laughter with a perma smile

  5. Giorgio M.

    This is the ultimate skunk strain out there

  6. Richie Bright

    Speedy delivery to the GTA

  7. Drisdale

    Straight up seed bank every time I’ve ordered. You can get some really good deals with freebies.

  8. Cameron Medworth

    I’m a huge skunk fan. I was growing some of the finest Mount Everest Skunk from BC Seeds until I found your Stinky Pinky strain. Next on my list to try is your Couchlock


  9. Walchulski

    Easy to grow, ver easy. It was my first grow, and I didn;t run into any problems.

  10. Colin M.

    I wanted for 4 years to grow this strain, I had to wait until I moved away from from rents. I love stinky strains, to me the stingier the happier it’s buzz. The only problem is growing them if you don’t have your own pad. I heard about this strain back in high school and now that I’ve got my own apartment and an ozone generator, I can grow as much as I want., I just made a false walk over the spare bedroom and put up some curtains.

  11. Murdock

    Great company to do business with. They’re honest and will send you real seeds to Australia

  12. Luke Drisdale

    Thanks, order arrived

  13. Regie

    The butterfly effect on your melon man, far out buzz

  14. Kevin

    easy to grow in Queensland mates, we all love a good skunky plant and you’ll love Stinky Pinky. Easy to unload, AAA grade gentics , don’t over fertilize, you’ll destry her flavour

  15. Colin M.

    Top rated strain with a pungent smell that will take you higher than heaven.

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