Maui Mist

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Maui Mist Authentic Seeds – 10 Pack from The BCSC
Maui Mist is top shelf cannabis. Talk about taste! She’s an F-1 hybrid between our Hawaiian Indica and a pure Haze has an extreme Sativa high with a beautiful tropical scent. Simply exotic and rare and everyone wants to grow her after trying her for the first time.
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Maui Mist

Maui Mist is a hybrid between a pure Indica and Sativa. Our pure Sativa Haze is very difficult to grow indoors because it grows so tall and takes forever to flower. But you will be rewarded with what we think is the greatest cannabis hybrid of all time. To make it more managable by customer demand we crossed it with our short Hawaiian Indica. Moreover, we have succeeded in bringing down the height and flowering time to a reasonable level. You’ll see her just below your ceilings indoors at 5′ and outdoors she reach 6 foot or a taller.
Good yield of connoisseur buds. Good things come to those who wait still holds true for this 75 day flowering cycle.

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Additional information


Low, Medium

THC Percentage



High, Very High

CBD Percentage



Low, Medium

Yield g/m2

up to 325

Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Days

70-75 Days

Flowering Times

70-89 Days


Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Height Indoors

Tall, Very Tall

Height Outdoors

Tall, Very Tall


Sativa Pure Haze x Hawaiian Indica (F-1 hybrid)


Low, Medium


Exotic and Tropical

Smoke Flavor


Smoke Taste

Sweet Melon

Stone Time

8-12 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

12-16 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

9 reviews for Maui Mist

  1. God

    Fine wine and fine exotic cannabis , I’m in heaven

  2. Jon Minchew

    I love fruity and lemon exotic strains and this ones now at the top of my list.

  3. Laughy Gardner

    Fast delivery to Gold Coast

  4. Newton Warren

    Once you take a whiff of her, you want to inhale her. Again and again. You won’t forget this one if a kind strain

  5. Valasco Guerveri

    If you vegetate her for one week using 24 hour light cycle, then 18 hours for 5 days, then 10 hours on and 14 hours off, I was able to fully flower this sativa beauty and keep her under 4′ at harvest. A strain worth every cent , premium sativa genetics.

  6. Sammy smith

    Super tasty strain with all that euphoria we crave. I find this strain to be addictive yet weed isn’t supposed to be addictive. It’s like meth and cocaine for you’re brain and that’s smoking it naturally as dried buds. Excellent high I want all day and everyday

  7. Wesley Spires

    Wonderful strain that tastes amazing. This was my first time growing and I’m glad I chose this strain, I couldn;t be happy with the results of growing a true connoiseur strain. I can’t buy buds like this locally, this was a great experience for me to try weed like this, I never knew the high fro weed could make you feel this good.

  8. Maude Strauss

    Mine got a bit out of control in my grow room , I begged them to long and then during flowering they touched my lights and ceiling

  9. Steve Posh

    It’s nice to grow a hybrid that feels like a sativa , nice job breeding guys!

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