Heavy Duty Fruity

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Heavy Duty Fruity Authentic Seeds – 10 Pack from The BCSC
Heavy Duty Fruity was developed in Humboldt, California back in the mid 80’s. Named Heavy Duty Fruity not only because of it’s extremely fruity smell and taste, which are like berries and citrus mixed together, but also because it packs a powerful punch.
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One of the biggest yielders in our collection growing 3.5′ Indoors and 4.5 foot outdoors. Another top choice for Australians, Kiwi’s and American’s.

Heavy Duty Fruity Cannabis Strain

Definitely a very high producer of top notch, top shelf quality. A very fruity bud that will have you missing her flavour in your dreams. Breeders will enjoy working with HDF as it is very stable. Available only from The British Columbia Seed Company.



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Additional information


Very High

THC Percentage




CBD Percentage



Very High

Yield g/m2


Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Days


Flowering Times

50-59 Days, 60-69 Days


100% Indica

Height Indoors


Height Outdoors

Medium, Tall


Heavy Duty Fruity (F-4 IBL)





Smoke Flavor

Black Berries

Smoke Taste

Sour Berries, Kerosene

Stone Time

6-8 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

8-10 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

10 reviews for Heavy Duty Fruity

  1. Annie C.

    I made it in time for my hubbies Christmas present

  2. Josh Baker

    It’s blueberry flavors are great, strong but not so overpowering that it’s still yummy as hell.

  3. Mike Feinberg

    Exactly right! You want to grow commercially and walk off with s suitcase of cash, this heavy yielded does the trick. Profits, profits, profits.

  4. Richie Robinson

    I was so happy with my big blue grow, i thought i’d give these a go. Glad i did, its even better! I’m so happy to find a quality breeder at last. Great breeding guys. Kudos.

  5. Wil Locke

    I have more than 5 lbs of bud stunning up my basement. I have no idea how I’m going to unload this much weed from 7 females. It’s a nice problem to have I guess.

  6. Fernando

    I had to use double my normal poly thickness to transport this strain safely to keep its odor down. It’s never a problem to unload fine herb like this. She tastes like blueberries even when grown with hydro, I haven’t even bothered trying to grow her in soil as she wouldn’t sell any faster anyways. I just show up and no matter how much quantity I have it’s sold snd at premium prices too, 10,000 per kg is amazing for wholesale prices. Retailers are marking it up 100-150% or more depending on the state.

  7. Fred W.

    So far, I’ve made my best returns on this in my 6 years as a professional cash cropper. Thanks bcsc

  8. Patrick O’Neil

    She’s a heavey producer for commercial croppers. Tigh dense nugs and little water, so during curing, it shorter in time and you don;t lose much weight from moisture … stores well long term as well

  9. Blake Morrison

    She’s added good profit margins for my legit dispensary in Colorado. Great, full flavored smoke that customers come back for more, which is amazing in todays huge selection. This strain is a real winner.

  10. Joshua

    I was surprised with yields and the quality. A real tasteful bud with heavy yields great enough for premium connoisseur pricing. Great strain to sell if you’re dealing or supplying medical dispensaries

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