Electric Haze

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Our Electric Haze strain produces is a clear winner for high quality craft bud! She produces a high that is clean and clear. You’ll be extremely high and happy with little to no side-effects hours laters when you come down.


Electric Haze strain is an F-1 hybrid of Northern Lights #5 and Haze. She’s has won many awards. Known for it’s extreme, almost psychedelic spaciness, Electric Haze produces a high that is brilliant, up and soaring, both powerful and subtle.

No Hangover Weed

The best part is that our Electric Haze strain doesn’t gove you a hangover. You’ll feel fine once its buzz wears off. If you’re not a high octane coffee drinker, our haze makes an excellent choice for you.

Electric Haze Cannabis Fragrance Is Amazing

The fragrance is complex and deep, with a dry “sweet and sour” perfume. The smoke of choice for connoisseurs and Sativa lovers. The longer flowering period is well compensated with a good yield of primo buds. She’ll reach 6 foot tall or more if left in a sunny spot outdoors, otherwise you can control her height to come in at 5 foot tall.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Electric Haze strain is often sold out and hard to keep in stock, you will be redirected to other strains that are available to purchase.

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High, Very High

THC Percentage



Very High

CBD Percentage




Yield g/m2


Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Days

65-75 Days

Flowering Times

60-69 Days, 70-89 Days


Mostly Sativa

Height Indoors

Very Tall

Height Outdoors

Very Tall


Haze x N.L.#5 (F-1 hybrid)




Pepper Skunk

Smoke Flavor


Smoke Taste

Mild apple and pepper

Stone Time

8-12 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

12-16 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

23 reviews for Electric Haze

  1. Ian Robinson

    These can get a bit wild indoors. Don’t feed them too much Nitrogen, flower them as early as you can so the don’t hit your ceiling.

  2. Brad Hennigan

    Straight up owner who breeds wicked weed seeds. I’m satisfied with all my grows and their electric haze is my all time fav.

  3. Olando

    Living all the way in Florida, I was impressed with how fast these seeds got here.

  4. Marcel Huckleby

    Good energy from this strain. Lots going on in your head, body feels relaxed but not tired. It was a read pleasure to grow.

  5. Phillip Hubert

    very strong haze strain which got me wicked high

  6. Timmy J. Keller

    I get some really nice vibes from nature when i embibe, especially from birds. I feel like if I close my eyes I am soaring the skying and communicating with them.

  7. William Dawson

    Electric haze flowered in 8 and a half weeks and it turned a nice purple color with the fruitiest lime smells. It’s a weed full of excitement and it increases your senses unlike many of the indica’s ive smoked. i really like you weed guys, keep up the good work.

  8. Jordan Bentley

    Fine quality breeding. They really out-did themselves on this haze, I can grow a real haze indoors. he’s a genius man, whomever is breeding these gentics

  9. Oleg rumonov

    It’s rare to find sativa’s in Moscow. It’s simply too cold to grow them here outdoors, even in our south. I had to shop all the way in Canada to find this sativa that stats short enough to grow indoors. This reminds me of the Thai Stick I smoked on vacation in Thailand.

  10. River Ranger

    My haze is now arrived. Praise the cannabis Gods and BCSC

  11. Vivian Lesley

    Thank you for holding true to your word. This was a much needed strain to make CBD Oil to treat and cure my daughters cancer. After one year of treatment with Your E Haze CBD Oil, she’s finally cancer free. Such a miracle. Thanks again, our family is indebted to you.

  12. Duke Lenar

    A must goto strain for creative people

  13. Seattle Sam

    Haze is electrifying, great to toke while jamming wheather you strumming a fender or smashing your Symbian , a definite strain for and metal or rock band.

  14. Local BC Native

    Electrify your night and great to party to the wee hours, I had a blast sharing and making new friend at a party with a live DJ, the music vibrated through my body while buzzed out all night. The best time I’ve ever had smoking the ganja man

  15. Fracois Leduc

    Electric haze is wicked man. E haze is worth the extra two week to flowed of some body numbing Indica. Sativa’s from BCSC are the best!

  16. Dillan Mollard

    Thanks for delivering as promised

  17. Wally

    fast and cerebral and very enjoyable. i ran some errands on foot, then listened to some speed metal when i got back home. the buzz seemed to last forever.

  18. Warren

    speedy high that my wife loves to smoke before cleaning the house on Sat. mornings.

  19. Lotus Lilly

    These Electric Haze are growing strong here in BC.

  20. Corey A.

    Damn good seed bank. One of the last trustworthy places to buy in Canada.

  21. Ian Holloway

    A favorite strain of mine and my band.

  22. Shawn Crosby

    BCSC electric haze was very upbeat and energizing. I am a satisfied customer. They sent my order right away within hours and they properly packaged and concealed my seeds for safe delivery to place in South Carolina.

  23. Lassus

    Stick your head out of the window down the highway while you high, so tricking cool

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