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Couchlock Authentic Seeds – 10 Pack from The BCSC

Couchlock was cleverly created crossing True Northern Lights #5 with a True Pure Afghani #1.

Couchlock by The British Columbia Seed Company is guaranteed to live up to its name!!! Couchlock is the worlds first super high CBD/THC combination strain.


Buy our world famous couchlock strain from the original creators! Seriously if you truly want to be drooling on the couch, couchlock is your solution. Believe me when I say that just 1 or 2 hits will have you couchlocked.  Even veteran smokers will be drooling in a closed eye daze within 15 minutes, promise. Just turn your lights out and try to keep your eyes open. You’ll most likely end up soaked in a puddle of drool after staring at the same spot on the wall for over 8 hours.

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Couchlock Cannabis Strain

Medical patients actually prefer the couchlocking effects, especially patients with real pain agree on couchlock for their sleep with a comforting body buzz that renders you motionless, content and comfortable relief from pain.

Couchlock is without a doubt the most stupefying strain you’ll ever sample. If you enjoy our Couchlock be sure to try our Afghani Dream, she makes up half of our Couchlock.

This strain was created for the people who just want to feel stupid and be put on the couch. She’s  a hard hitting indica!  She’s gonna put you damn near asleep after a toke or two.

Couchlock Grow

She grow’s hardy and is resilient in harsh outdoor conditions. Heavy winds and cold rain and snow won’t be enough to take her down. Mold and pest/rodent resistant makes this a great strain for the newbie.

She’lll grow compact with lush dark green leaves. She’ll start to stretch up a little once the flowering cycle is induced. She’ll finish quickly forming long dense colas that are ready for harvest within 49 days and only 2.5′-3′ feet tall. You won’t find a higher yielding strain that can grow in under 50 days.

PLEASE NOTE: Couchlock is often sold out and hard to keep in stock, you will be redirected to other strains that are available to purchase.




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Additional information


Very High

THC Percentage



Very High

CBD Percentage



Very High

Yield g/m2


Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Days


Flowering Times

40-49 Days


100% Indica

Height Indoors

Medium, Short

Height Outdoors

Medium, Short


Afghani x N.L.#5 (F-1 hybrid)





Smoke Flavor


Smoke Taste

Brown Sugar

Stone Time

8-12 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

12-16 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

28 reviews for Couchlock

  1. Brandan Williams

    I totally agree, the best strain on earth is couchlock

  2. Ted Gray

    Hands down this is the best strain on earth. It’s always sold out, this is a huge problem

  3. Pete Mills

    I feel so lucky to get my seeds, they’ve been sold out of couchlock for a while now. But they’re here and growing strong. 100 % germinated

  4. Juan Sanchez

    Man, it was kinda worth the wait, it took FOREVER to come in stock, but they finally sent my seeds last Christmas and I finally harvested my couchlock. I’m literally glued to the couch and so happy and so high right now, i’ve never been so high.

  5. Craig Gibbons

    with all the new strains out there, this is still my first choice.

  6. John U.

    OMG, I’ve been friggin glued to my chair five hours now.

  7. Andy Anderson

    This is some extreme dank

  8. Robert Carmichael

    killer strain

  9. Wahroonga Australia

    most potent week i’ve ever grown with my own two hands mates

  10. Angus O’Sullivan

    Made me bang my head listing to AC/DC and rock out. What a potent buzz, it’s so strong man.

  11. Newton Warren

    Hardcore to your brain stem

  12. John Blackie

    I have to just admit it, it’s the most potent weed I have ever smoked. I’m not sure what to say about it, I’d never gotten so stoned like that before, I’ll have to try it a few more times before I decide. For now, 5 star rating on service, and yield.

  13. Scott Graham

    This strain has some punch. Two hits and I was knocked down onto my couch for the rest of the night. Watching TV was so much funner.

  14. matt burley

    1week shipping to the US , all seeds popped. No problem. Very short plant, maybe 8″ in vegetation then i switched the lights to 12. six weeks later my 8 girls were done, thick stalk and almost 3′ high. Definite couch lock, i could not move my body, arms worked fine.

  15. Tom Chu

    its very strong weed

  16. Christian Dean

    Yo, this dank is the dankest, slammed us into our couch and we passed out way before midnight and missed the new year. Most potent strain man

  17. Xiang Lu

    Powerful strain that really kncks you down deep into the couch. It reminds me of trainspotting when Renton OD’s and falls deep into the carpet below the floor. I’ve never come acroos a more powerful strain than couchlock. Good breeder guys!

  18. Jean Philippe

    Freakin heavy man, so heavy.

  19. Allen McFadden

    This is hands down the most potent cannabis strain on Earth, holy crap

  20. Brad Franklin

    My seeds came, yeah!

  21. Jesus

    Holy crap, this strain is killer man.

  22. Mark Dewey

    I love to smoke this watching family guy with my cat, my cat loves getting high with me on the couch.

  23. Mr. Brown

    I got completely wasted of two hits of just its bud, I couldn’t imagine how I could become so immobile from weed.

  24. Chris Miller

    I’m in love with this strain because it kills my pain from nerve damage after taking chemo for so long. This is the most narcotic strain I’ve come across in my 9 years after being treated with chemo. If your suffering like me, I hope this strain will bring you relief like it did for me, now I have many more “good” days and my enjoyment in life as drastically increased

  25. Val Vanderhuis

    Kick back and relax, you’re guaranteed to be relaxed glued to the couch for at least 4 hours. Heavy on the brain and body so relaxed. Talk about narcotic effects, I skip my oxycodone when blazing couchloch. This is my favorite jar in my medicine cabinet

  26. Davy Graham

    Get couchlock from british columbia seeds…it’s a total couchlock just like the name suggests, and it lives up to its name!!! they all grow up so uniform.

    As long as you get 1 female to clone from, your set for life.

    My largest Couchlock mother produced thousands clones already and they’re all just as potent and vigerous as their mom. Couch Lock far exceeded my expectations, expecially for cloning man

  27. Jesus

    I’m such a slob. One big toke and I’m stuck on the couch with grease on my shirt from eating potato chips.

  28. Bob Boss

    I spend my days running around and always on my feet running a few booths at a large flee market selling electronics. After a long day I need to recharge, sleep deep and get ready to work hard again the next day. Couch Lock helps ease my soar feet and allows me a deep relaxation for an hour

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