Cali Miss

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Cali Miss Authentic Seeds – 10 Pack from The BCSC

Cali Miss is a cross between our True Pure Haze and our Hawaiian F-1 hybrid, Five-O. Cali Miss has been stabilized and vastly improved in CBD and THC since her beginning back in 1995.


Expect some small variations with this strain. Hawaiian strains are typically longer flowering plants and a pheno type that takes 5 days longer to flower can appear in 5% of our seeds. We’ve still have made huge leaps forward stabilizing 95% of Hawaiian strain to flower in just 65 days. The other 5% will take a full 70 days. This can be critical if grown outdoors in Provinces like Quebec. We can only guarantee 95% of the plants will flower in time, before the Canadian frost comes and causes damage to these precious cannabis plants.

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Cali Mist

Cali Miss is bred from our top Haze mother strain to give her all her cerebral traits and high CBD. Her Five-O father add to her THC and higher yields.

She’ll grow to about 5 foot tall and is a bit tempermental, she’s not super difficult to grow, but she’s not easy and she’ll need some attention to her Nutrition and insects. It’s best to prevent any problems rather than taking reactive measures when growing her up. She’ll be a breeze to grow and well worth the extra efforts.

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High, Very High

THC Percentage



Very High

CBD Percentage




Yield g/m2


Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Days


Flowering Times

60-69 Days, 70-89 Days


Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Height Indoors


Height Outdoors



Haze x (Hawaiian x N.L.#5) (IBL x F-1 hybrid)




Lemon Grass

Smoke Flavor

Fruit Punch

Smoke Taste

Sugery Mint Tea

Stone Time

8-12 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

12-16 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

9 reviews for Cali Miss

  1. Daniel West

    My seeds arrived. I was expecting such serious packaging, nice 🙂

  2. Carl Livinston

    My seeds came quick down under. Bcsc used very top notch stealth hiding beyond expected.

  3. Kosta P.

    Cali Mist is full of CBD and that sativa racy high. Very intense bud that should be taking in small amounts for those that are new to sativa a like myself. It’s completely different than indica and I tripped out and got mega paranoid after smoking too much. Just start easy , I only take one big puff and wait 15 minutes and I’m too stoned to smoke anymore for about an hour. Then a small puff to get the cerebral racing again.

  4. Luc Ketch

    Fine and fun, excellent for jamming and deep creative thoughts. I wrote my best song under its influence, a bit more than my usually dosage

  5. Anna

    Miss Cali is clear high very high CBD

  6. Peter Knox

    This strain grows well in Southern BC , but when I moved back to Barrie, it didn’t do well outdoors there in Mid-Northern Ontario.

  7. Kayla Follensbee

    I’m happy to report I’m manufacturing my own cannabis oils and so far this strain is working the best for my products. just visit my site cbd spray dot com to checkout what you can do with this strain. Thank you so much everyone at the british columbia seed company! Keep up the good work and I hope you enjoy the samples I mailed you last week.

    Kayla (New South Wales)

  8. Pierce Daulton

    A nice taste of true California genetics.

  9. Tazzy

    i’m a kiwi living in taz, glad to see my order is here after 5 days all the way from Canada. You guys rock!

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