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Blaze Authentic Seeds – 10 Pack from The BCSC

Blaze is the perfect bud for a morning “Wake ‘n Bake” buzz. She’s the right combination of a speedy Haze combined with a fruity flavor and short flowering times.


She kick-stat your heart while you inhale your first toke while still laying in bed. This is a geat choice for highly funtioning stoners whom like life a little greener in the morning.

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Blaze Cannabis Strain

Haze is a pure Sativa developed in the 70’s and is agreed by experts and simple folk to be the most potent Sativa on Earth. We crossed her with Blueberry to produce the best indoor haze type plant. Ascending cerebral high with an exquisite fruity Haze taste. This strain come highly recommended by the owner.
She’ll grow to 5 feet tall, you can do some trick and stunt her growth Indoors or Out if you don’t want her that tall, but you won’t be able to keep under 4 foot unless you have super breeding powers and advanced knowledge in UV and Light Waves.

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Additional information



THC Percentage



Very High

CBD Percentage



High, Medium

Yield g/m2


Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Days


Flowering Times

60-69 Days


Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Height Indoors

Medium, Tall

Height Outdoors

Medium, Tall


Haze x Blueberry (F-1 hybrid)




Lemon and Skunk

Smoke Flavor

Rasberries and Lime

Smoke Taste

Mild Lemon and Mild Blueberries

Stone Time

8-12 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

12-16 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

10 reviews for Blaze

  1. Fernando

    We also enjoyed smoking this in the evenings around the fire pit with friends on the week end. It helped keep us awake and the party going on until the sun came up.

  2. Christopher Penning

    Yo, this strains the best to blaze right before classes. It doesn’t make me tired at all. I just try to blaze 10 minutes before class starts to go past the initial rush where everyone can tell your backed. After that it’s smooth sailing for me.

  3. Frank Pearson

    I think this strain grew very easily without too much fuss. She’s a lovely companion for you and your morning Java

  4. Morris Morison

    We smoked this for the first time around the campfire in the evening. I read it’s a wake n bake strain but it’s a great high for getting chatty gossiping into the we hours outdoors. It also keeps you awake and makes you feel warm inside during the cooler Canadian fall nights.

  5. Justin Gamet

    Bien, tout bien

  6. Lucienne Tottorie

    The best part of a wake n toke, is a bowl of Blaze up in smoke!

  7. Mc Coy

    A nice orange delight to blaze with my morning Tangerines and coffee. You might feel like eating a peice of cake or something sweet if you don’t eat before you “BLAZE” but if you eat first, you won’t get a sweet tooth.

    Seeds came fast, my local postie in Melbourne was here with them just in the same week that i orderred, about 4-5 days. I think i ordered Sunday night and they were here on Thursday.

  8. Craig Williams

    Awesome strain

  9. Coby Cristian

    Good solid sativa that’s great for breakfast in bed. It really enhances the flavors of maple syrup and hazelnut spread to such deliscous extremes

  10. Maude Strauss

    Great wake n bake, I can’t handle blaze and working but I enjoy waking up to her on Saturday’s with a strong cup of joe and banana bread

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