Big Blue

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Big Blue Authentic Seeds – 10 Pack from THE BCSC

Big Blue is an original world famous strain bred by the British Columbia Seed Company back in 1995.  After introducing this strain to growers, we have gotten nothing but praise from the Cannabis God’s and top reviews from our customers in Australia and in cooler climates.


Big Blue is a cross between our Northern Lights #5 and Blueberry. She’s almost a pure Indica with amazing  vigor.

Big Blue Cannabis Strain

 Her buds are dense and huge for being so short and hearty.  Her heritage is from a Canadian landrace meant to grow as a short and stocky plant to defeat the cooler climate, especially during the Spring planting season and the cool September nights during flowering make this strain an excellent choice for for us in a cool climate. She’ll roll softly and smoothly down your throat with fantastic dried grape aroma. Euphoric and uplifting buzz for an Indica, followed by a fantastic mellow high that’s great for creativity on a deeper level.
She grows well indoors, keeping a very short and consistent height, finishing at 2-3 feet tall depending on how long her veg her for. Outdoors, expect her to stay between 3-4 depending on your climate. In Australia, she really yields, even in the harshest conditions.

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Very High

THC Percentage




CBD Percentage



Very High

Yield g/m2


Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Days


Flowering Times

40-49 Days


100% Indica

Height Indoors


Height Outdoors



Blueberry x N.L.#5 (F-1 hybrid)




Fruity, Low Skunky Smell

Smoke Flavor


Smoke Taste


Stone Time

4-6 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

8-10 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

16 reviews for Big Blue

  1. Dan Humphries

    Biggest buzz yet! You’all did a terrific job breeding this one. Fast delivery the N.C.

  2. Hubert J.

    They grew big and tasted heavy and berry like. It’s a good relaxing smoke with enough cerebral effects to make it a fun sociable smoke to pass around at my parties.

  3. Phil Jennings

    i expected high yields and that’s what I got

  4. Pieter Behr

    Big Blue got me out of a shitload of debt. I was looking for a fast yet tasty high potent strain that would grow and sell fast. It was exactly what I needed.

  5. Edward Lake

    It was a tough call to grow this or heavy duty fruity. Now I’m not sure what to do because I’m so happy with this strain I’m wondering how HDF could possibly be better? Has anyone grown both those strains yet? Please reply with any information. Thank you in advanced , Edward

  6. Richie Robinson

    She grew big and yields were big too. Nice blueberry flavor with a mellow body buzz that is great after a hard day at the office.

  7. Pape Vincent

    I got my delivery to Quebec in less than 48 hours using express delivery.

  8. Dennis Steele

    I grow many strains as a personal hobby. Big Blue is a keeper! Of all the 60 strains I’ve grown, Big Blue is my favorite.

  9. Hamish Welch

    Perfect strain for growing down under in the bush mates. Quality smells and taste when finished even if you don’t slow cure the quality you can still taste.

  10. Ian Wagnar

    This is s very good price for the buck, huge yields, highest quality flavors, a no brainier if your growing for personal or wholesale reasons.

  11. Michael Pickering

    I placed my order here for the fifth time this fall, I normally order here once per year. The first was placed back in 2010, and the most recent order was placed this year on Tues Oct 11, they arrived to New Mexico Friday Oct 14. The quality of everything from this seed bank is high;
    the shipping, the packaging, the genetics.

    I use this seed bank unless they don’t carry a particular strain I need.

  12. Ian Stewart

    Enjoying a tinny and a bowl of big blue enjoying the tele. I was just Browsing around for my next strain (couchlock) and thought I’d leave you some positive feedback for being true to your word.

  13. Chris Logan

    Big Blue gives me a great high like skunk but tastes like blueberries and packs more of a trip. I was surprised at harvest just how heavy it’s buds were, they weigh more than they look like they should. Back when I ordered these seeds, delivery was fast and very stealth. Not sure if they’re using the same packaging today but I’ll find out soon one this order. Thus review was from seeds I bought back in January. Have a good one, Chris

  14. Jack Gills

    Big blue is awesome for growing outdoors, I just finished harvesting in the middle of the night here near Peterbatch. Fully ripened dense buds with a heavy blueberry smell.

  15. Anthony Georgeton

    She’s great, I harvested her a few days early, but this trichina were already 40% Amber. I wanted to get her out of the bush fast due to paranoia , better to be greener and safe. Buds are dense, heavy and smell amazing.

  16. Tommy

    My Rugby mate in North Bay Ontario got me onto this strain. Grows great outdoors in NSW. Those pesty gnats and rodents can’t do any damages, this strain is robust. If your keen on a strain to grow outdoors with little maintenance, this is the choice. My mate loves it cause where he comes from it gets cold early in their fall and this is one of a few strains he said that can handle the cold, and the stalk is very strong he said if you live in a very windy area.

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