Afghaan Dream

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Afghaan Dream Authentic Seeds – 10 Pack from THE BCSC

Our original and true Afghani #1 lineage inbred on Vancouver Islands since 1993. We have produced the purest and most potent Indica strain in the world. Now sought after by medical patients and extreme recreational users and breeders.


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Afghaan Dream Cannabis

Our Afghaan Dream is extremely wide with dark green leaves. Indoors or Out, she’ll maintain a compact growth pattern with tight internodes and resin so abundant, she’ll spread all her lovely trichomes onto the tips of even the longest fan leaves and drip to the soil below . We just might be breeding the last true Indica in the world. Her effects are so stupefying, we have many customers that report “short term memory loss and blacking out” . An essential variety for true Indica connoisseurs, seed vaulters, and breeders.

Height at maturity is just 3 feet outdoors and 2.5 feet indoors.

Afghaan Dream Strain Specification

THC High, Very High
THC Percentage 42.17%
CBD High
CBD Percentage 3.21%
Yield Very High
Yield g/m2 455
Cloning Ease Easy
Ease to Grow Easy
Flowering Times 40-49 Days
Flowering Days 44
Genetics 100% Indica
Height Indoors Medium, Short
Height Outdoors Medium, Short
Lineage Afghani #1 True IBL Landrace
Odour Medium
Smell Sweet
Smoke Flavor Sweet
Smoke Taste Sweet Brown Sugar
Stone Time 3-4 Hours
Stoned Time Eaten 8-10 Hours
Type of Seeds Regular (Male/Female)
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Additional information


High, Very High

THC Percentage




CBD Percentage



Very High

Yield g/m2


Cloning Ease


Ease to Grow


Flowering Times

40-49 Days

Flowering Days



100% Indica

Height Indoors

Medium, Short

Height Outdoors

Medium, Short


Afghani #1 True IBL Landrace





Smoke Flavor


Smoke Taste

Sweet Brown Sugar

Stone Time

3-4 Hours

Stoned Time Eaten

8-10 Hours

Type of Seeds

Regular (Male/Female)

26 reviews for Afghaan Dream

  1. James Wimsey

    I’m currently doing my P.H.D in sleep engineering. I’ve found this strain the most helpful out of seventy strains we tested to manipulate sleep. It also has very stable genetics easing our workload.

  2. Quinton

    A perfect nightcap after a day in the oilfields. It relaxes my muscles so when I wake up, I’m more rested and less soar

  3. Jake Pailson

    The largest lush strain in the world. Pure landrace genetics that only bcsc could preserve for the rest of us. Thanks a bunch.

  4. Anna

    i sleep so well and so deep. i also smoke to help minor headaches from stress at work.

  5. Morton Johnson

    The best night time herb I ever smoked. Perfect night cap for sweet dreams and no body aches. I feel refreshed she I awake the next morning. Deep sleep.

  6. Uve Mulyve

    Good reliable seed bank. Though I live in Alberta, I’ve made several orders and I’ve always gotten my seeds on time. When I grow them in my basement, they’re always uniform and of the utmost potency.

    That’s my feedback, and your Afghaan Dream deserves top grades. I particularily favoured this strain, even above your famous couchlock. I slept through most of this bitter winter and now that spring is here, almost… I’m ready to start puffing up my crop of your electric haze.

    Peace from Peace River and keep up the breeding. You have many fans here.


  7. Finn Vilnius

    Fast delevery over the Pond to the Baltic. A thousand thanks.

  8. North Bay

    Hey fellow canucks. If you live where it’s cold like me i share a secret, afghaan dream will take the cold winds and even frost and still thrive here in North Bay, Ontario, canada. It’s a very strong wheel chair weed but its also made me very very happy, such a feeling of overwhelming joy. Sometimes i just cannot stop laughing and once i was so high i just collapse to the floor rolling around laughing uncontrollably.

  9. Nancy Marshall

    Just like in the picture, it’s a relaxing weed to puff sharing with my cats. We get high band watch tv together.

  10. Kennith grant

    Helps me deal with Cancer. I get the rest I need to fight my battle.

  11. Lloyd Chartland

    Hard body stone with pleasant mind stone, chill and relaxing to tunes in the day time and fall asleep fast if you smoke in the night

  12. Louis MacIntire

    Great high, top shelf weed.

  13. Mason Wilcox

    Powerful mind ease, such a pleasant relaxing high. No wonder the image is an opium

  14. Laura Adams

    It’s basically my new favorite strain and I haven’t build up any tolerance yet. I am so burned out from my long shifts as a senior nurse, I just come home, blaze, eat dinner, watch about an hour of family guy, laugh, then deep sleep for 8 straight hours. Next day, repeat. Real lifesaver. I get the rest I need. I can’t sleep more than 4 hours without it, I can’t seem to wind down after work without it.

  15. Thor Trondhiem

    Many interesting things happen to me under her spell. It’s really a strain that makes your life “greener”. I’m so full with joy smoking her daily. I have a choice in life, to be just okay with my daily grind, or to smoke Afghaan Dream and make everyday a happy day.

  16. Vinny Manccini

    I’m into dreaming, in fact I’m writing a book about the effects of cannabis and your subconscious lucid dreams. This is the best strain to vape before falling asleep, you’ll have the most vivid and outrageous dreams ever. I just wish I could digitally record my dreams, it’s like living in a movie sometimes. Others are just bizarre and colorful.

  17. Marcel Catano

    Thanks man, my seeds were in my mailbox when I got home from

  18. Ollie

    Fast delivery to Ontario. I need this strain to control my seizures due to epilepsy. A few strains here do the job, but this one works the best as I can still work a bit. Couchlock is number one , I’ve never had a siezure after medicating with that strain, but I also could move or work.

  19. Laughlin Bogart

    My order was placed in sept 2016. My seeds arrived inside the packaging a cool Tahiti t-shirt,. I looked forever in the shirt, and about 15 minutes later ifound them so well hidden. It’s a safe seed bank shipping to Australua mates.

  20. Canberra

    Safe seed bank for Aussies

  21. Coby Cristian

    My Order was placed may 8th, Seeds were delivered via Canada X press on the 10th. I started the seedling indoors for three weeks and planted then the first week of June outdoors on Vancouver Island. They were harvested sept 26th, I sampled some today and they pass with flying colors. I’m just waiting one final day to cure to get pricise yields, but even with 11% high humidity , she’s already averaged 467grams per plant. Pretty sweet strain to smoke too, very happy feelings, and it brought a smile to my face for a few hours. Coming down was gentle for the narcotic type strains. You can feel the difference from a quality breeder. Smart choice for those of you looking for seeds.

  22. Todd macafrey

    Caution! If taking as an edible, start with 1/8th your normal dose. This strain is a creeper, and too easy to consume too much, take your time with her, if smoking wait 15 mi. Before taking more, the creeper in this in packs a kick. Otherwise enjoy her , she’s great to vege out, or pain control like headaches, body aches and back pain

  23. Big Ben

    My wife got these for my birthday last May. They arrrived in their sealed breeders pack, on the pack it states: Afghan Dream IBL by British Columbia Seed Company. The seeds were the best looking seeds I’ve purchased from a seed bank. They were very big, very black, and looked ready to explode out of their shell with a small amout of water.

  24. Duncan Waters

    Being an Afghan lover I decided to buy this strain after researching a lot of positive things on reputable cannabis forums. My ordered arrived a few provinces over in 2 days and I popped half right away, just 18 hours later there was a healthy sprout of each seed, no duds. It’s the most stable line I’ve ever grown. During their veg cycle, the plants were all the same height and I mean exactly. The lineage is neat, with broad fan leaves. She grow’s short and tight with good dense cola’s producing a heavy yield.

  25. Wally Wallace

    Being a medical user I have the ease of trying many different strains at my local dispensaries in Colorado. They were all good strains and decent Indica’s but I couldn’t find the right strain to really put my lower back into ease. Another medical patient told me about this strain by The British Columbia Seed Company and I didn’t buy until years later. I wish I listened to him, but so many people were recommending stuff that didn’t do anything for me. But the Afghaan Dream you get from here worked for me, my back can relax and stop shooting pain after a couple small puffs, and if you make some dab, boy, a little dab will do you in, be careful, as I only attempt that once I’m home in bed or on the couch watching tv.

  26. Hank Cutworth

    I was reading an article about how wonderful the Afghaani high is and how it would always sell out right away, so in my dorm just using 1 gallon pots and fertilzer was a no brainer, Advanced Nutrients. everything was simple and idiot proof. I grew them under a 400 MH and 45 days later, I harvested. I lost a lot of weight duing the curing, but what I lost in weight from moisture was made up in the yield these babies produced. A week later, selling only to close friends, I paid of my tuition, bought a beater car and a brand new fender with new amps, not bad at all.

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