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British Columbia Seed Company is one of the oldest cannabis seed bank in the world.

The British Columbia Seed Company carries award winning strains. We hope you enjoy our website and we have some really cool new strains we're planning on releasing to the public in the near future so check back often. We've been working so hard these past couple years and we're glad to be back with all of our cannabinoids and strains vastly improved and stabilized. We know it's hard to improve on perfection, but we did. 

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The British Columbia Seed Company is one of the oldest seed companies in the world. We have satisfied customers and know how to treat them right the first time.

Best Bang For Your Buck

You'll get the best strains for your dollar when you shop at the British Columbia Seed Company.

Most Honourable Reputation

Our reputation guarantees it! All seeds produced by The British Columbia Seed Company are the result of our head breeder working constantly to bring you the finest pure strains and hybrids. All our seeds are grown under carefully controlled conditions to ensure genetic integrity and seed viability. The BCSC only uses true males and females to make our seeds, never hermaphrodites.

Your Feedback is Important To Us

If you have any suggestions you might have as to how we can improve the site or our strains, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Some of our greatest strains were created from your feedback, its invaluable for us to be on the cutting edge as the World's Greatest Seed Bank and it wouldn't be possible without you. Please don't be shy and e-mail them to us, the good and the bad.

Spread The Word and Keep Seed Prices Low

Help spread the word! Our only method of advertising is through word of mouth and interviews. We'd rather not spend advertising dollars , instead, we offer lower prices so you spread the word for us for free! After your successful grow, please tell your friends about The British Columbia Seed Company.

Buy Seeds

To begin shopping, select any seed strain from the seed bank. Click the "Buy Seeds" button below. You just might find the best strain for this year still in stock. Her name is Pot of Gold, and she is covered in so many gold trichomes, she looks like a cannabis plant bronzed in gold at harvest time. We hope you enjoy her, we bred her in co-operation with the best Dutch Breeder in Amsterdam.

Over 100 Strains Are In Stock And Ready To Ship To You

We have the world's most stable cannabis seeds. We're one of the first cannabis seed companies in the world. Buy the best and strongest cannabis strains on Earth from The British Columbia Seed Company!

Check Out Is Easy With All Our Safe Payment Options

All orders are processed oversea's in a juristiction where the trade of cannabis seeds is legal so you'll have no stress placing your order online. Nothing on your credit card statement will imply what you're purchasing. Everything is very discrete. We take our customer's privacy and safety to the extreme, we guarantee it!

We Ship Your Seeds Globally To Any Country

We ship using the most advanced stealth packaging which is always leaps ahead of what we need to be. We have never had any problem and we don;t suspect you will either. You can rest assure your package will arrive 100% Guaranteed! Yes, even if you live in Australia or the USA!

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Established in 1995, The British Columbia Seed Company is Canada's first seed company and longest standing cannabis seed company.

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